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Why you should wear a Pelvic Floor Support Garment

Why You Should Wear a Pelvic Floor Support Garment

For many women, the time may come when they will have to approach the issue of dealing with pelvic organ prolapse (POP). It can happen at any age. Pregnancy, menopause, and genetics can all play into the issue. The body changes. Anatomy jiggles and moves around on you. It is unexpected in many cases, always unwanted, and nevertheless must be addressed. 

Fortunately, there are resources available to help you navigate your pelvic health journey. The advances in personalized treatment by specially trained physical therapists are exceptional and becoming more mainstream. Personally tailored exercises and breath work can have a great impact. All of this is important and can help lead to mitigation of symptoms and/or successful recovery over time. 

At the end of the day, you find yourself asking, is there something I can do now? Pelvic floor support garments may be a good option for something that you can do right now to help alleviate your symptoms. 

How Pelvic Floor Support Garments Work

Pelvic floor support garments work by providing gentle compression and counter pressure to your pelvic floor. The garment helps support the muscles externally and acts like a hammock to reinforce the work your pelvic floor is doing. 

Pelvic floor support garments can be worn daily or just during activities that make you feel more symptomatic. They are a great tool to use along with the other things you are working on. For example, if walking or doing something like a strengthening program feels out of reach or you feel too symptomatic during these activities, wearing a pelvic floor support garment may mitigate your symptoms enough to enable you to do these activities. 

Pelvic floor support garments can play a pivotal role in your POP journey. Hem Support Wear aims to provide you with a pelvic floor support garment that you will want to wear so you can be a part of the solution. Wearing a pelvic floor support garment can help you get back to doing the activities that you love and do things like exercise with confidence so you can work on rehabbing your pelvic floor. You can embrace the issue and do what you personally have the power to do. Hem Support Wear’s first line of pelvic floor support underwear provides you an important tool in the process. You can take charge. 

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