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Why is it so hard to find a pelvic floor support garment that fits?

Why Is It So Hard to Find a Support Garment That Fits?

If you’ve ever wondered this, you’re definitely not alone! The fashion industry is difficult to navigate when it comes to sizing and that is because there isn’t a standard that has to be followed across garment types and brands, and garments fit differently depending on the style and fabrics used. That is one of the reasons why you may wear a medium in one brand and an x-large in another. 

We’ve all experienced the struggle of buying something in your ‘size’ only to find that it does not fit. We have also experienced the struggle of going through all of the work to take your measurements and use a brand’s size chart…only to find that the item does not fit. And, not only that, but you are often required to pay shipping or restocking fees as you send things back and forth until you find the size that fits you best. It can be such a hassle when you go through all of the steps to try to find the right size and it still doesn’t fit. So frustrating!

Hem Support Wear’s Sizing and What Sets us Apart

Pelvic floor support garments are notoriously not fashionable and are designed as if one style fits all. At Hem Support Wear, we believe it does not have to be that way. We know that no two butts and bodies are exactly the same. We know that different garment styles fit bodies differently. We believe that you can wear a pelvic floor support garment that provides the needed support while making you look and feel good too. 

Hem Support Wear’s first line of support underwear is a high-waisted style that comes in both a curvy and straight variation so that it can better fit people of all shapes and sizes and help them get needed support. We provide extra guidance on how to take your measurements and understand your body and butt shape to find the best fit for you. 

At Hem Support Wear we understand that you want a garment that fits you well and that you want the process of finding the perfect fit to be as easy as possible. That is why we design and test our garments on real people, and make the trying on process seamless with free shipping and free returns and exchanges. We encourage you to give our garments a try. We promise that you and your pelvic floor will be happy. 

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