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Our High Waisted Pelvic Floor Support underwear garment testing process

Our Garment Testing Process

Our first line of high-waisted pelvic floor support underwear is available now, and we’re on a mission to design and create a garment unlike any other. From the overall fit to the smallest details, we're taking steps to ensure you feel comfortable and beautiful when wearing Hem. Here's how we've upheld our commitment to you during the garment testing process:

  • Thoughtful: No matter where you are in your pelvic health journey, we want you to feel comfortable wearing our garment as often as you’d like. We collected feedback from people of many ages, sizes, and degrees of pelvic organ prolapse. Our testers included people who have given birth, people who haven’t, and people who were pregnant. 82% of our testers experience heaviness or bulging in their pelvic area at least a few days per week.
Our garments are designed to provide consistent gentle compression and pelvic floor support, so our testers wore their garment for several days and during a range of activities. Many testers wore their garment for 8-12 hours at a time in order to make sure the support lasted all day. We asked our testers to tell us whether the placement of the garment felt right and how much support they received from the moment they put it on to the moment they took it off.
  • Beautiful: We paid special attention to the way our garments made our testers feel. It’s important to us that you feel good in the garment and it makes you feel like you! We care about making high-quality support wear that feels and looks like your favorite pair of underwear, and our testers provided feedback on the fit of the garment as well as whether they felt it flattered their body. Small details in the design can make a big difference, so we also asked questions about the texture of the fabric, the cut of the leg openings, the visibility of the garment under clothing, and more.
  • Carefully-Designed: Our goal is to produce a garment that supports your pelvic floor and promotes wellness throughout your day. We want you to feel confident participating in your favorite activities, whether that means walking around the block, playing with your busy toddler, or working out. Our testers wore their garments during light, moderate, and strenuous exercise so we could gauge how well the garment maintained support and relieved heaviness in a wide range of activities.

In addition, we want our garments to be easy to care for. We encouraged our testers to wash their garment multiple times throughout the process to test its durability. We’ve designed our garments to be machine washable, quick to air dry, and feel like new each time you put one on.

Curious about the feedback we received? Here’s what our testers are saying:

“It works great in providing needed counter pressure while sitting!...It does not cut into my sides or fall down. I think the [design is] a winning combination in that it provides lift, support, and counter pressure. I think it’s a game changer as it makes me realize I can stay active and regain an assist for the muscle I’ve lost with this garment. Muscle power!”

“I’m very happy to have this through the remainder of my pregnancy! I much prefer it over the [other support garment] that I was using.”

“The support hammock fits great. I don’t feel strapped in or braced in but really feel the support.”


Learn more about Hem's story and what sets us apart.

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